How long does it take to get a spouse visa for the UK?


How long does it take to get a spouse visa for the UK?


Getting a spouse visa to the UK is a significant step for couples seeking to live together in the United Kingdom. The process involves several steps, and many factors can affect the timeline. In this article, we’ll delve into the detailed outline for obtaining a UK spouse visa, discussing each aspect and providing valuable insights based on first-hand knowledge and credible sources.

How long does it take to get a spouse visa for the UK?

The processing time for a spouse visa to the UK varies depending on several factors, such as the type of visa, country of application, and individual circumstances. On average, the processing time for a UK spouse visa can range from 2 to 12 weeks. However, it’s essential to keep in mind that each application is unique, and the timeline may differ.

Types of UK Spouse Visas

1. Spouse Visa (Family Visa)

The Spouse Visa, also known as the Family Visa, is for partners of British citizens or settled persons in the UK. This visa allows you to live and work in the UK for an initial period of 33 months. It can be extended for an additional 30 months, leading to a total stay of 5 years. After completing five years of continuous residence, you may apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR).

2. Fiancé(e) Visa (Prospective Marriage Visa)

The Fiancé(e) Visa is designed for those who are engaged to a British citizen or settled person and wish to marry in the UK. This visa is valid for 6 months and does not allow you to work. Once married, you can switch to a Spouse Visa to continue living in the UK.

UK Spouse Visa Requirements

Financial Requirement

You must meet the minimum income threshold, which is currently set at £18,600 per annum. Additional financial requirements apply if you have dependent children.

Relationship Requirement

You must provide evidence of a genuine and subsisting relationship with your partner, such as photographs, correspondence, and joint financial documents.

English Language Requirement

Applicants from non-English speaking countries must prove their English language proficiency by passing an approved English language test.

Accommodation Requirement

You must have suitable accommodation for you and your partner, as certified by a property inspection.

Health Requirement

You may need to undergo a medical examination to ensure you don’t have any health conditions that could endanger public health.

The Application Process for a UK Spouse Visa

Step 1: Prepare Your Documents

Gather all the necessary documents, such as passports, financial statements, relationship evidence, and English language test results.

Step 2: Complete the Online Application

Submit your application and pay the relevant fees online through the official UK government website.

Step 3: Biometrics Appointment

After submitting the application, schedule a biometrics appointment to provide your fingerprints and photograph.

Step 4: Attend the Visa Interview

If required, attend an interview at the local visa application center.

Step 5: Wait for a Decision

After completing the above steps, you’ll have to wait for a decision on your visa application.

UK Spouse Visa Processing Time

1. Type of Visa

The processing time may differ between Spouse Visas and Fiancé(e) Visas.

2. Country of Application

The processing time can vary depending on the country where you submit your visa application.

3. Completeness of Application

An incomplete application or missing documents can delay the processing time.

4. Seasonal Factors

The processing time may be longer during peak application periods.

5. Additional Checks

In some cases, the UK authorities may conduct additional checks, which can affect the processing time.

Tips to Expedite the UK Spouse Visa Process

1. Submit a Complete Application

Ensure all the required documents are included, and the application is filled out accurately.

2. Pay the Priority Service Fee

You can opt for the priority service, which expedites the processing time for an additional fee.

3. Use a Reputable Immigration Lawyer

Hiring an experienced immigration lawyer can help you navigate the process smoothly and avoid potential delays.

4. Plan Ahead

Start the application process well in advance to allow for any unforeseen delays.

5. Stay Informed

Keep track of your application’s progress and any updates from the UK Visas and Immigration department.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can I work in the UK on a spouse visa?

Yes, holders of a UK spouse visa are permitted to work in the UK.

Can I apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain before completing five years on a spouse visa?

No, you must complete five years of continuous residence on a spouse visa before applying for Indefinite Leave to Remain.

Is there a way to fast-track the UK spouse visa process?


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