Fiance Visa UK Financial Requirement & Documents

What is spouse visa UK?

Applications made outside the UK & Inside the UK 

Spouse Visa UK is a type of Visa which allows a person to remain in the United Kingdom for 30 months (2,5 years), then that leave must be extended only once for another period of 2,5 years if you meet financial requirement. There will be no Recourse to Public Fund with such a leave. After completion of 5 years cohabitation, you can make application for a settlement (Indefinite Leave to Remain). The form is called SET(M). If you have a partner (spouse) settled or British in the UK, you then can make this application to remain with your spouse in the UK. However, you must have physically met each-other and be registered at the Registry Office in one of the Registry offices in the UK or abroad. Once all the required documentation is ready, you need to make an application for a spouse Visa. When the spouse visa is granted, you may be able to work or study in the UK.

What are UK spouse visa requirements and what documents are required?

Requirements for the Spouse Visa UK:

  • A married couple must be 18 years or above;
  • You must have met physically and be married legally. In other words, your marriage must not be arranged;
  • The couple has a plan to live in the UK permanently;
  • You should have enough funds to be able to support your partner and yourself;
  • The Minimum Financial Threshold is £18,600 per annum/before tax. The financial threshold differs if have dependent children;
  • The sponsoring partner must have accommodation for the spouse and dependent children. You must have exclusive occupation and enough of rooms to accommodate your family. For ex: 1-bedroom flat is enough for a couple. If there is a child, then you need another room available or have a separate living room which could be counted as a bedroom;
  • You must meet the minimum requirement of the English language requirement.

What documents are required to apply for Spouse Visa UK?

You must submit following documents when you apply for a Spouse Visa:

  • You must have a valid passport;
  • You must submit two passport-sized (taken within 6 months) photographs;
  • One passport photo for your spouse;
  • You have to provide a proof for the English language, acceptable certificates from IELTS, Trinity College London, Cambridge English, Pearson, City & Guilds. Or, you could be holding a Certificate/Diploma that your course was taught in English;
  • TB Certificate;
  • Your Sponsor must prove that you are financially stable in the UK;
  • You have to provide family and wedding photos to show your relationship.


You have to provide the supporting documents to the Home Office for their consideration. In the application you have to provide the following details:

  • Full details of the applicant and the Sponsor;
  • Details of any children;
  • Details of your accommodation;
  • You have to provide the history of previous applications to the UK (if any);
  • You have to provide documents of Criminal Offence(s) if you have a criminal record in past;
  • If you have UK insurance number, you must provide it;
  • You have to provide Certificate of English knowledge;
  • If you are providing a document that is not in English, you will have to provide its translation.

What Are Spouse Visa UK Financial Requirements?

This is the part of the visa application where most of the people get rejected by not fulfilling the financial requirements properly. The reason is that the United Kingdom does not allow people who cannot support themselves.

If you are not the Citizen of the UK, you must provide proof of financial stability. Your annual income must be £18,600 or more if you want to support your spouse’s stay in the UK. You have to provide bank statements of your current account and savings, if you are relying partially on your savings.

If you are making an application with your dependent, you will have to fulfill the following requirements:

  • You must provide £18,600 for yourself
  • £3,800 for first child;
  • £2,400 for every child;
  • Example: Mother and 1 child applying for a visa to remain with a husband in the UK. You will need to show £18,600+3,800=£22,400 must be your sponsor’s annual income before tax.
  • Only legal sources of income would be accepted to meet the spouse visa UK financial requirements.

    Acceptable Sources of income:

    • Salary if you are employed in the UK;
    • Saving account showing a balance of more than £16,000;
    • Income other than work: Self-employment, Rents from Properties, Dividends (Company); 

    Proof of income:

    • You have to provide Bank Statement in the UK;
    • Pay Slips of 6 months;
    • A letter from the company or employer which describes your job title, salary, and description or period of your sponsor’s work.

What Is UK Spouse Visa Fee and Cost?

UK spouse visa fee depends on the way of application. If you are a citizen of other than the UK and planning to live with your spouse, you will have to pay UK spouse visa fee of USD 1,625.20 from outside the UK (this fluctuates according to exchange rate) £1,033 in the UK (this increases every year). There will be also an additional fee for IHS (Immigration Health Surcharge) USD 816.00 from outside the UK; £500 from the UK. This fee will cover your NHS treatment in the UK throughout your stay for 30 months. These fees will have to be paid again at a renewal stage. However, the same fees will be added for each dependent to pay.  

Is it possible to apply for a Spouse visa extension or renewal?

As we already mentioned above, first you are granted leave to remain, you can make application to renew it in the UK, which will last for another 30 months. However, application for UK spouse visa extension is not that difficult. If your visa is expired and you still plan to stay in the UK, you can still make an application to apply UK spouse visa extension for another 30 months which gives you the opportunity to live in the UK indefinitely. After successful renewals, you may be eligible for a settlement, providing required evidence. You can also apply for a Naturalization after ILR approval.

UK Spouse Visa Application Process Time

After applying for UK spouse visa, you will have to wait for 12 weeks. Process time of application varies from case to case and may take up to 6-8 months.

How to Apply for Spouse Visa in the UK?

For the application of spouse visa UK, you can be both in the UK and outside the UK. If you have a valid visa for 6 months, you can apply for a spouse visa in the UK before your visa expires.

How to Download a Spouse Visa Application Form?

It is effortless to apply for a spouse visa application form. Different sites are available which allow you to download a spouse visa application form. Fill up the form carefully and apply for the spouse visa and have a safe journey ahead.

Please search for application called FLR (M) if you are making application from the UK by fulfilling financial and other requirements. However, you are advised to have a proper legal advice before you make any applications to the Home Office.


Please, do see our Immigration expert to be fully advised on the type of application to make and evidential documents to provide. We provide service’s to EU and British nationals moreover spouse visa is also known as fiancé, wife and partner visa.  

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