How much does it cost to extend a spouse visa in the UK?

Calculating the expenses for extending your spouse visa in the UK is crucial. In addition to the £1,048 application fee, you should also take into account the £624 Immigration Health Surcharge per year, up to £250 for a biometric appointment, and a possible £500 for priority service within 5 days. Be ready for extra costs such as £60 per page for document translation and £65 to £110 for a tuberculosis test. The fees for an English language test are around £150, with additional costs for retakes if necessary. Look closely at the specifics to ensure you are financially prepared for a successful visa extension process.

Visa Extension Cost Breakdown

When considering the cost breakdown of extending a spouse visa in the UK, it's essential to factor in various fees. The application fee stands at £1,048, a significant initial cost for the extension process. Additionally, applicants need to allocate funds for the Immigration Health Surcharge, which amounts to £624 per year for adults. This is a recurring expense that's crucial to maintain visa validity in the UK.

Apart from these primary expenses, there are other costs to consider. A biometric appointment, which is mandatory for visa extensions, can require an additional outlay of up to £250. Moreover, individuals looking for expedited services may opt for the priority service, which incurs a fee of £500 for a 5-day decision period. It's important to incorporate these fees into your budget planning when preparing to extend your spouse visa in the UK.

Furthermore, anticipating potential fee increases in the future is prudent for effective financial planning.

Additional Costs to Take into Account

Considering the various additional expenses involved in extending a spouse visa in the UK, it is important to factor in costs beyond the primary application and health surcharge fees. Apart from the basic financial requirements, there are several other fees and costs to consider. For instance, document translation for non-English documents can average around £60 per page. Tuberculosis tests, if mandated, may range from £65 to £110 depending on the test centre. English language tests, which are typically around £150 for applicants from non-English speaking countries, are another essential cost to bear in mind. It's crucial to note that failing the English language test could lead to additional fees if retakes are necessary. Failure to meet the English language requirements may result in extra costs and delays in the visa application process.

Additional CostsAverage FeesDetails
Document Translation£60 per pageFor non-English documents
Tuberculosis Test£65 – £110Depending on the test centre
English Language Test£150For applicants from non-English speaking countries

Impact of Additional Services

To understand the impact of additional services on extending a spouse visa in the UK, it's important to consider the various costs involved beyond the primary application fees. When opting for additional services such as document checking, expect to incur around £50 to ensure the accuracy of your spouse visa extension application.

For non-English documents, translation services can add approximately £60 per page to the overall costs. If you require a faster decision on your visa extension, priority services can be availed for £500, providing a 5-day decision period, while premium services like the Super Priority Visa, offering a next working day decision, come at an extra cost of around £800.

These services not only impact the total costs but also play a crucial role in expediting the decision time and ensuring the accuracy of your application, especially when dealing with non-English documents.

Hidden Costs in Visa Extension

Hidden costs in a visa extension can significantly impact your budget when applying for a spouse visa in the UK. When extending your visa, you may encounter additional expenses such as document translation, tuberculosis testing, and English language proficiency exams.

Translating non-English documents is essential and can cost approximately £60 per one-page document, so budget accordingly for this service. Furthermore, the tuberculosis test, which is mandatory for certain applicants, ranges from £65 to £110 depending on the test centre location.

Additionally, English language tests, usually priced around £150, might include extra fees if you need to retake the exam. These unforeseen costs shouldn't be overlooked when budgeting for a spouse visa extension. It's crucial to plan ahead and consider these hidden expenses to ensure you have allocated enough funds for a smooth visa extension process.

Be mindful of these costs to prevent any last-minute financial strain during your application.

Budgeting for Spouse Visa Extension

When planning for an extension of a spouse visa in the UK, make sure to carefully calculate all the related costs to avoid any unexpected financial difficulties. Budgeting for an extension of a spouse visa involves taking into account various expenses such as the application fee, Immigration Health Surcharge, biometric appointment costs, and optional priority service fees. It's important to be ready for potential increases in fees as they are anticipated. Below is a breakdown of the costs involved in extending a spouse visa in the UK:

Cost ItemAmount
Application Fee£1,048
Immigration Health Surcharge/year£624
Biometric AppointmentUp to £250

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I renew my UK spouse visa after 2.5 years?

To renew your UK Spouse Visa after 2.5 years, you need to collect the necessary documents, fill in the application form, and submit it before your current visa runs out. Make sure you meet the relationship, financial, English language, and character criteria for a successful renewal application.

What is the cost of a spouse visa in the UK in 2024?

To extend a spouse visa in the UK in 2024, you will need to pay £1,048. This fee is for the application only. Please bear in mind possible fee adjustments and extra expenses such as the Immigration Health Surcharge.

How much are the visa fees for a UK spouse visa?

To extend a UK Spouse Visa, you'll need to budget for the visa application fee of £1,048 per person, Immigration Health Surcharge at £624 yearly for adults, biometric appointment costs up to £250, and optional priority service fees of £500 for a 5-day decision.

What happens after 5 years on a UK Spouse Visa?

After five years on a UK Spouse Visa, you may qualify for Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR), granting you the freedom to live and work in the UK without immigration restrictions. ILR opens pathways to British citizenship and permanent residency.