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What are Requirements to Apply for Adult Dependent Visa?

Like the mothers and fathers, grandparents, brother or sister or grown-up child (over 18) of a British Person can make application to join them in the UK. However, you have to prove why you cannot live in your country and wish to come to the U.K. to live with your Sponsor.

You also need to show that you require long-term care and that you depend on your UK relative. If you are granted, this visa allows you to join your family in the UK for an unlimited duration, so long as you relative (Sponsor) has a settled status.

You will need to show that the care you require isn’t available or budget-friendly in the country you live. You cannot have recourse to public funds for a minimum of 5 decades. 


Application is online only and fees (application fee) is payable before the appointment can be made. You will have to pay IHS fee as well as application fee, they are usually in USD to pay with debit or credit cards. Application fee about $2000 and IHS fee about $900 (depending on exchange rate). Application processing time is from 3-6 months. If application is refused the IHS fee will be refunded but not the application fee. However, the decision is appealable. 

Documents Required:

-Your passport;

-Two passport photos;

-Doctor’s letter to confirm the receipt of treatment and long time care is required;

-Any medical letters;

-Copy of passports of other children;

-Letters from other children why other children cannot look after you in your country;

-Proof of contact with your sponsor;

-Proof of communication;

-Other proofs of showing need to come to live with your Sponsor in the UK.

Documents required from your Sponsor:

-Copy of sponsor’s passport;

-Copy of birth certificate to prove the relationship;

-Proof of income: payslips and P60;

-Proof of any possession: house, flats, cars or other income;

-Bank statement to show funds;

-Copy of tenancy Agreement or Mortgage/Deed.

This type of application is in nature complex and you will need to have a tailored advice depending on the situation of the applicant.

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