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At Adamir Solicitor LTD offers services in area's of immigration, human rights & asylum. our firm is based in Tottenham. we serve clients in North and East London

Immigration consultant in North London

We are Adamir Solicitors Ltd areas of providing legal assistance not just in immigration matters.. We specialise in immigration to provide you with full support when the help is needed,

if you are detained or need urgent representations/applications to be sent to Home Office to establish your current status in United Kingdom.

There is a lot is happening lately and the public is anxious about the changes and wish to secure their stay in the UK because everyone has a right to have a family and their right must be respected.

We are proud to tell you that our firm serve to clients in immigration with full passion and commitment. Immigration maters must be dealt with promptly and efficiently; you want that we know that.

 Only those who have been immigrant in the UK know how it feels and how it should be handled.

We are Best Solicitors in London happy to inform you that we are modern and boutique law firm offering vibrant and homey atmosphere to our clients.

We offer tailored immigration advise for free to our clients.

Our Immigration Solicitor in London has been working in the same field for over 10 years.

Our Solicitors has been successful in detention matters to get the clients released from Immigration Removal Centres and helped them to regularise their status in the UK.

Our lawyer is up to date with knowledge and experience in the Immigration whom you can trust your case and relax waiting for a decision, who will take you through the stages effectively.

Our Immigration Solicitors conversant with all aspects of UK immigration law and is able to assist both companies and individuals with the full spectrum of immigration legal services.

In 2010 government of United Kingdom introduced different laws and that makes immigration more difficult for countries applying from outside EEA However in 2019 as United Kingdom coming out from Europe Union there will be more changes in UK Immigration Law which our immigration specialist are assuming and countries from outside EEA will more lenient.

As we all know United Kingdom is most popular destination considering immigration for people moving from overseas.

Five point based visa structure has some stages which our Immigration agent going to mention below :

Tier 1 Visa :application include Entrepreneur visa which require minimum investment for £200,000 or £50,000 in some circumstances.Tier 1 Exceptional Talent are open to 2000 people every year applicants from the field of science, arts, engineering, humanities, digital technology and fashion can apply. Tier 1 Investor Visa require investment of £2million.

Tier 2 Visa: This visa offers to people who are applying for short term or long term work in united kingdom.In order to apply applicants should have job offer letter from the company. The applying person should be from outside EEA and should have enough qualification for the position you apply for and salary should exceed £30,000 in some cases. Point based on few following reasons such as Qualification, Sponsorship, Earning, language test and maintenance funds.

Tier 4 Visa: It is for known as student visa is for international student applying from outside EU and UK. this visa is only issue to student who want to study full time in UK not issued for part time students. there is eligibility criteria for this like CAS letter from educational institute you applying from plus it should be registered from UKVI, Funding evidence must be provided for living cost and tuition fees, UK accepts international students from all the countries apart from (North Korea)  application must be filled online and also require photograph and finger print which is known as biometric, Students who are coming to study more then 6months in uk has to pay Immigration Health Service charge which is £150 per year and can be paid while applying online.

Tier 5 Visa- This category includes temporary workers and youth mobility scheme. These types of visa is for short period of time like 12 to 24 months. There are following sections covered in this such as charity worker who are willing to do unpaid work from any registered charity, Creative and sporting people such as actors, sporting field & musicians, Religious worker should be qualified as preach or should be working in religious order, Youth Mobility Scheme is also known as holiday worker visa to apply applicant should between the age of 18-30 year only these countries are qualified for these visa like Taiwan, Hong Kong, Republic of Korea, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Japan, Monaco and South Korea for two years.

There are few more visa category such as:

Visitor Visa: It is also known as tourists visa and countries from outside EEA and  Switzerland eligible to apply. Who want to travel United Kingdom to intend for holiday, family member visit, medical purpose and professional reason.

Family Visa: This immigration policy is to keep family together. It includes Family Visitor, Family Visa, Partner visa and Fiancé visa.

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