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Our immigration lawyers’ perspective the Indefinite leave to remain means settling indefinitely in the United Kingdom, which leads to a British nationality. There are many ways of making applications for ILR depending on the types of leave people have. There are different forms that are available for different routes but the fees are the same.

Let’s start from the fees and forms that you will need to use:

  • SET (M) applications to be made by spouses after 5 years leave.
  • SET (LR) applications made by people who has been residing in the UK for long time 10 (lawful) or 20 (unlawful) years.
  • SET (P) application for Refugees could be made after 5 years.
  • SET (O) other categorises that are not included in other forms.
  • Fees: 2,389

Absences that allowed to remain outside of the UK not to lose your ILR status in the UK:

No more than 180 days’ absences are allowed in a consecutive 12-month period. For any acceptable breaks of leave, the period spent outside of the UK will count towards the 180 days’ allowable absence, which includes any time (while your leave remains valid/after the expiry of your leave/while the entry clearance application was under consideration/before you entered the UK once entry clearance had been granted). Any exceeded absence must be proved and evidenced. You can leave the UK during your continued residence for total up to 180 days at a time or 540 days in total. If you have exceeded the permitted absences, it is highly advised to contact our best immigration lawyers in London to help you with your application.

Indefinite leave to remain requirements:

  • you must be over 18;
  • present in the UK;
  • Passed the Life in the UK test;
  • Passed the English Language Skills;
  • you have a current leave not expired;
  • your current leave leads to the settlement application;
  • this application can be made 28 days before leave expired;
  • no criminal offence.


Documents that you need to gather for submission:

  • All your passports (old & new);
  • Two identical passport photos taken not more thank 6 months ago;
  • Residence Permit;
  • Life in the UK Test results;
  • English skills certificate or Diploma of university course taught in English;
  • Bank statements;
  • Any utility bills to prove your residence in the UK;
  • GP letter confirming since registered with practice;
  • Tenancy Agreement;
  • Any documents that are not in English must be translated and certified by reputable translating Agencies.
Depending on the individuals’ circumstances the requirement of documents can be varied, therefore please do see us for help.

For a settlement application, you will have to be present in England and to show that you have English knowledge and have passed life in the UK test. Some applicants could claim exemption from English language requirement including students taught in English or studied in England (undergraduate/postgraduate or PHD), Refugees, children who are minors, parents who received visa on parent route, grandparents and dependent relatives of settled people present in England.

The knowledge of English language requirement can be proven by showing the degree studied in England (universities of England) or degree studied in one of the universities abroad but in English language. Also, English speaking countries that accepted by the Home Office could claim exemption from English requirement they are: Caribbean countries and some other countries. For more information in regard to this query please contact our immigration lawyers.
Assessment of applications and time is taking to make a decision on your application also depends on your personal circumstances. Depending on the type (marriage or work visas) your caseworker may invite you for an interview to interview you. Usually it takes up to 6 months to make a decision on the most of cases.

This application can also be made by premium lounge by paying additional fees (£610) to be decided on the same day, which we do not advise unless your case is straightforward and you have more than required and accurate evidence to submit. Your family can attend the appointment with you to make it easy and quick.

Once the application is decided, you will be granted leave to remain indefinitely in the United Kingdom and engage in any type of work: employment or self-employment. The ILR will be issued by way of a BRP bearing your details with photo valid for 10 years. You will be also able to have a recourse to public funds and also able to apply for a student loan.

Also good to know:

  • This is not UK passport that will allow you to travel outside of the UK without visa, you need to apply for visa to visit other countries (except country of your origin and the UK);
  • You cannot stay outside of the UK more than 24 months with your ILR.

According to the Immigration Rules you will lose your ILR, if you were away for more than two years absent. However, there are many benefits of having ILR for your family members, feel free to contact for advice.

If you do not yet qualify for a settlement, do not panic but speak to one of our best immigration lawyers in London to help you to keep your stay lawfully in the United Kingdom. Instead of settlement application you can make an extend your current leave if it is expiring soon.

Anybody who is on a visitor visa in the UK, cannot extend that leave but has to go back to their country to apply for a new visa upgrading it to more years. Visitor visas do not lead to a settlement. Before the expiry f visitor visas, you will have to return t your country of origin. However, in some circumstances, visitors can vary or apply for extension in the UK depending on the individual’s circumstance. For advice on such matter, please do contact our immigration lawyers for a free advice.

Returning Residents 

For a settled person after having been granted indefinite leave to remain, ensure that you do not stay abroad for more than 24 months. During your stay on ILR the permitted absences should not exceed over 6 months. Any criminal convictions will be counted at the time of making application for Naturalisation.

Please do contact us for further advice by phoning us on 02033020074. We charge as little as we can to help you to make an application by sorting your evidence, filling application and making our representations for the Home Office caseworker to have a clear picture of your case. We can help you to speed up the process of your application and try to achieve a decision that would be in your favour. So, please call our best immigration lawyers in London office for an appointment.

How we can help?

ADAMIR SOLICITORS LTD has the best immigration lawyers in London specialised in immigration law and has experience to assist you with your application for Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR). Immigration law is continually changing. Therefore, we strongly suggest that you contact us now for expert legal advice if you have any queries whatsoever about your visa or status. If you are a foreign national who is subject to immigration control but have lawfully lived in the UK for a certain length of time, you may have the right to apply for permission to settle here permanently. Given that a successful application will give you permanent residency in the UK, however, there are strict standards set out in the Immigration Rules that you need to satisfy. Your right to apply for settlement will depend on your existing immigration category and if you continue to meet the criteria for that category.

For complex cases we always advise that people get our immigration lawyers opinion and free consultation before making an application which could be a problem later.


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