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UK Tourist Visa Fees, Requirements & Documents

There are a lot of reasons for making application for visitor visas: to join your spouse, child or to visit family (daughter/son/grandchildren), fiancé, to marry, friends, to join EEA national, student, business or to get medical treatment. Whatever is a reason of your trip to the U.K. you need to apply for a visa before you buy a ticket. 

Visit visas start from 6 months then you can upgrade to 2-year, 5-year and 10-year.  This type of visas do not lead you to the settlement or allow you to stay for more than 6 months. You will have to stay up to 6 months and then re-enter if you like to stay here more.

The application could be submitted only online and fees are paid before the appointment can be made. Usually it is payable in USD dollars. For 6 months visit visa you will be paying around $190 (depends on exchange rate). Waiting time for application process is from two to three weeks (for visits only). It will take from three to six months if settlement (joining family) applications made. 

UK Visitor Visa Requirements

  • You have to be over 18;
  • Your passport and passport photos;
  • Should have known/seen your sponsor physically;
  • Show proof of your funds: three-six (spouse applications) bank statements;
  • Proof of income: payslips, a letter from your employer and P60;
  • Any proof of possessions: house, flats, cars etc.;
  • Proof of family: copy of passport of spouse, Marriage Certificate and Birth Certificate of children.

Do not forget even if you have a Sponsor, your personal funds and circumstances will be taken into account/consideration to grant you visa but not your Sponsors. 

You’ll need to submit evidence to show that your trip can be afforded, while it’s being paid for by your Sponsor wholly or partially. 

If your Sponsor is paying whole or some of money for your trip, then you will need copies of documents below:

  • Passport copy;
  • A letter of invitation;
  • Tenancy Agreement or copy of Mortgage;
  • Proof of income: payslips;
  • Bank Statements;
  • Proof of communication;
  • Some photos of you with your sponsor.

Every category of visa has its own way of making application and list of required documents depending on your circumstances and type of visa required, so please seek consultation with our immigration solicitor in north London before you submit your application. The above is only general information to have an idea of making such applications.

Visa applications could be daunting and stressing so why not to give it to one of our solicitor to handle it properly.