Fiance Visa UK Financial Requirement & Documents

Fiance Visa UK

These types of identification paper come’s under Family visa. Who can apply for Fiance visa who are planning to marry permanent residence or citizen of United Kingdom. Most importantly applicants should live with each other plus be able to provide proof or some sort of evidence for that period of time before applying.

Candidate can only apply in these conditions for fiancé visa?

  • The applicant under the age of 18 are not to allowed to apply for fiancé visa
  • The home office will offer UK fiancé visa to the applicant for six month to get into the country United Kingdom. However, they’re not allowed into business or not involve into any kind of work.
  • Within six-month period applicant can apply for marriage/ spouse visa if they’re granted. If marriage visa is successful candidate will be issued visa for 5years and can apply for renewal with 2.5 years.

What are the fiance visa required documents and Requirement before applying?

  • Applicants should have accommodation arrangement for the partner with in UK
  • They shall be aware about each other from previous time before they do registration.
  • Also entrant must hold aim to live with each other in permanently.
  • Most Importantly visa guarantor and suppliant should have intention to do marriage
  • If suppliant are using civil source like financial funds from the British government they’re are not eligible. Applicant should be able to support on their own. 
  • Within six months period applicants can apply for spouse/ marriage visa and client will be issued visa for 5years and can do renewal after 2.5years.

English test requirement?

In all visa’s entrant should be able to provide proof that they know and can communicate in English language by clearing the International English Test System which is known as IELTS on A1 position which is ordinarily communication of listening and speaking for registration.

Fiancé visa duration to stay in the country?

Applicant can have benefit for six months to in UK after converting current visa to spouse visa the applicant will be able to work for 5years. After spending five years in the country on spouse visa consumer can apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain

Finance visa financial requirements?

  • To apply for the application, the candidate should provide proof that the applicant partner in United Kingdom is financially stable and be able to provide the financial support to the non-citizen of the country.  These are some patronage criteria and some advice:
  • The applicant partner can provide proof of earning GBP 18,600 yearly and it should provide earning history from last 6months time duration.
  • If consumer cannot provide six months earning, then on the other side they should be able to provide saving of 62,500 GBP in their bank account which should be preserve for six months of duration
  • Partners are eligible to provide the proof of saving together to 62,500GBP

How can Adamir Solicitors LTD can help with fiancé visa application?

Our firm immigration solicitor will assist you and guide you for the whole process with legal advice for your application. We will prepare representation which will be sent with client’s applications. We can guide and provide guidance for English test. Our immigration consultant will make sure that our clients meets all the requirements by providing them checklist of the documents which are required for the application. We can assure that we are the best immigration law firm in London.

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