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Family Law

How are the Families, Children, and Divorce Related to each other?

 Families always form the root of the relations. As you sow a seed and nurture it slowly and steadily, that finally generates roots, shoots and then those blooming flowers into the entire plant. In the same way our families. The small seed expands to the root and shoot of relations. And those blooming flowers are the children that build up the relation strong. Some winds that affect the plants are metaphorically related to the situations that affect the relations. These situations are termed as the divorce conditions. The emotional sentiments and the hardships always occur in the families. These are mostly the testing circumstances and the challenging situations in the life of people.

These family tantrums should be handled by some expert advisers. These advisers give personal supports and provide deep knowledge about the situations. Adamir Solicitors Ltd. firm provides the very high-quality experts to cope up with such dealings. It also provides the various family laws.

Child Arrangements: The allegations to parental alienation all such kinds of issues are handled by this firm. The fund assists and provides all the requirements that focus the child perceptions. They train the parents and clear all the settlement issues. There are four types of Child Arrangements Orders. The primary one is the Residence Order, the Judge decides where the child must live. And, a Contact Order, when child(ren) can have a contact with their non-custodial parent.

  • Contact Order: There are two types of Contact Order-Direct or Indirect contact. We help with post-divorce issues where one parent does not wish the other parent see the child. This can be processed through the family Courts in England and Wales by taking a proper course of action. This can lead to immigration matter if the father has no immigration status or unsettled in the UK.
  • Children in foster or Local Authority Care: Children could be in care of not their biological parents for a number of issues. We can help to get your child back by gaining the guardianship back.
  • Parental order: We can help you get your name put in the Birth certificate of your child if your name does not appear as the father of the child. Many unmarried fathers face this problem when the mother does not wish the child to have a contact with the biological father.

 Issues related to Divorce, Finance, and Separation: These are the emotional sentiments that break up the mind and heart totally. Certain legal expert’s advice should be immediately taken to bind up the relationships. This affects the life of the people. The high consultant’s divorce supervisors are provided by this firm to handle up the situation. We can also help you to reconcile by referring you to an expert mediators to save your relationship for the sake of your children or marriage.

 Cohabitation and living together: The cohabitation and living together in a happy family is what matters. However, people that live together without marriage do not have the same legal rights as married couple. When the families breakdown, the problem arises over assets that gained together while their cohabitation. Division of assets or estate could the most daunting part of separation.

 Pre and Post-Nuptial Agreements: Every marriage life starts with respect and trust. The Pre and the Post-nuptial bonds should not have any problem. If you have children from previous relationships or going to inherit large assets or have a business that you do not want to share with your spouse then Pre or Post-Nuptial Agreements could be your best bet. Hence, the agreement of ownership, property rights all is signed beforehand.

 Adoption and Surrogacy: There are some complex cases to handle with. These cases include the adoption as the major issue. But, the Solicitors/experts of this company provide the whole criteria of the adoption law and assist its clients.

  • Adoption: We can help you to adopt your child from outside or inside the UK. We can also help you to legalise your foreign adoption in the UK. You can adopt your child through either an Adoption Agency (Local Council) or through a Voluntary Adoption Agency. We can help you here throughout this process. Your Social Worker can apply for you too.
  • Surrogacy: We can help you to take the matter right by drafting an agreement between a couple and a surrogate mother to enforce that agreement if things go wrong at later stage (birth of baby) the delivering mother changes her mind to give the child away to the genetic parents. However, the surrogate mother is treated as the mother of the baby in the UK law despite not genetically related. However, the surrogacy contracts are not enforced by the UK law in Courts of England and Wales, no matter if you have a signed deal with the surrogate mother and paid all her expenses through the pregnancy. It is illegal to pay a surrogate in the UK but only financial support to meet her expenses while pregnant. 
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