Detainee Visits / Bail applications 

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Detention centre visits as well as Bail application
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Detainee Visits as well as Bail Applications 

If you have a family who is detailed, do not worry but seek immediate advice from our immigration solicitor to take a quick action. At Adamir Solicitors have helped many families whose family members either detained or imprisoned to be removed from the U.K. Our immigration solicitor also helped to regularise their status but not just getting them released. 

In the instance, you have arrived unlawfully in the UK, overstayed your visa, or you are an asylum seeker whose claim was refused, do get a help to take a proper and immediate action.

The Home Office detains people in the instance when has doubts about detainee’s surrender when they are required to report to the immigration authorities. If you’re detained, you may have in country of appeal right or out of country appeal right. Either way, the quick action must be taken before detainee could be removed. 

If you made an application to the home office which is still pending but arrested for enforced removal then your application for leave to stay might be refused with not in country appeal rights. In such case, the JR application must be made to the Upper Tribunal and while it is pending with the court a Bail application can be also pursued. If there is a new development in the case a new application could be made to the home office under section 353 fresh claim.