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How does Civil Litigation lawyers can help?

What’s Civil litigation ?

The process of defending the legal rights between the two contesting parties is called Litigation. In other words, Litigation is the process of prosecution of laws and the final decisions are made by the jury members of the court.

These are stages in Civil Litigation:

  • Pre-trial litigations before Court proceedings: This starts when two parties could not come to an agreement and instruct solicitor to negotiate the terms and reach an agreement to save time and unnecessary trial costs. Each side’s solicitor will enforce his/her clients rights and the other side’s duties. The solicitor will be drafting letters, keeping communication, negotiating offers made and prepare your case for a trial if they do not reach amicable solution.  Your Solicitor will prepare your case and file it in the court on your behalf and represent you at court. However, the very first step is the investigation to equip your case until such time your case is not filed. At the investigation stage, your solicitor searches the facts and details of your case in a comprehensive manner to strengthen your case.
  • Pre-trial Negotiations: As said above, your solicitor will be communicating with other side’s solicitor to get an offer in order to rest the case amicably. This will save time and avoid extra fees and troubles between the two opposing parties to appear at court.
  • Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR): depending on the cases the ADR could be the best option. It is the informal process of saving a trial costs. ADR solves the cases independently by instructing a solicitor. The clients of both solicitors settle the dispute among themselves without the need for a trial. They either accept or reject the terms and conditions of litigation, where it has to be pursued to the court for a trial if not agreed.
  • Trials: When the complaint is filed with the court, the parties will be invited to the court for a trial. The both parties’ cases will be heard amongst the jury members and decision made by the judge. If you lose the case you could be ordered to pay the other side’s fees or visa verse. 
  • Post-Trial litigation: After decision is made, the other side may not be fulfilling the terms of the Order where post-dispute arises. You r solicitor can help you to enforce such terms by negotiating further to obtain a better offer to settle the matter there. This commits the situation where negotiation occurs. If the loosing party disagrees with judge’s decision, this is usually done when the party is not satisfied with the decision and files the case in High Court. These are the on-going process where the cases could continue for years and cost more to reach final decision.
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