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How to apply for British Citizenship, British Nationality Application & British Naturalisation ?


This application is for adult (over 18) application. Anyone who has stayed or lived for over 12 months since was granted Permanent Residence or Indefinite Leave to Remain can be naturalised as a British Citizen, of course once requirements are met.

What are British Citizenship Documents, British Citizenship Application Fee, Cost & Requirements?

  • Qualifying period: You should not have been absent from the UK for over 450 days during 5 years’ residence in the UK if you are EEA National or a member of EEA National; or no more than 270 days throughout the 3-year period
  • You should not have been absent for over 90 days during 12 month period if you hold Indefinite leave to Remain
  •  You must meet the good character requirement: no Criminal Convictions
  •  Pass the Life in the UK Test
  •  Meet the English Requirement: Level B1 ESOL or Trinity College of London. You can claim exemption of you studied in the UK or taught in English overseas
  •  Demonstrate that you will consider the England your home country: Intention to reside in the UK permanently
  • British citizenship application form is AN
  • Currently the British citizenship fees: £1,330 (includes ceremony fee of £80).

The next stage is to make an application to the HMPO (previously called IPS) for a British Passport.

British Citizenship Application Form REQUIREMENTS & DOCUMENTS:

  • Application form can be downloaded or collected from the Post Office
  • It must be fully and correctly filled up
  • Two passport photos taken within 6 months
  • Two referees signed having known you for over three years in the capacity of a friend or a colleague, they should not be related to you (a family member)
  • Application fee: £85 (for 16 and over) or £95 for jumbo (50-page passport); £58.50 for children (under 16)
  • It has to be countersigned by a British Citizen only
  • Post it to the Her Majesty Passport Office
  • First time applicants will be invited for an interview to attend
  • Please do not make any advance arrangements to travel outside the UK until you received your passport
  • However, Fast track (1-week service) and Premium (1-day service) can be arranged by booking appointment with HMPO
  • Call 0300 222 0000 for advice or booking an appointment with the HMPO

You Can Apply For British Citizenship Child

There are other ways of children becoming a British Citizen apart from parents (Registration of minors (under 18) as a British Citizen if born in the UK and lived up to the age of 10 or children who held visa or ILR in line with their parents to become a British Citizen)

Option 1: Registration as a British Citizenship for child who lived up to the age of 10

  • The child must be born (after 01/01/1983) in the UK and never left the UK
  • Turned to 10 (10 years old or over)
  • No more than 90 days of absence outside the UK
  • Exceptional circumstance for absences for over 90 days can be forgiven by the Home office at their discretion
  • Form T
  • Application Fee: £1,012

Option 2: Registration of A Child as a British Citizen

This application is also for a registration as a British Citizen for the children again for those who are minors (under the age of 18) is possible once relevant sections of the British Citizenship Act of 1981 applies.

The sections can be found in the Guidance of the form to tick the relevant one that applies to your case. These are:

  • Section 1 (3): A child who is born in the United Kingdom to parents who have taken up residence in the United Kingdom or who have become British Nationals
  • Section 1 (3A): A child born in the United Kingdom, whose parents are members of the armed forces
  • Section 3 (1): A child whose parents are British Nationality applicants
  • Section 3 (2): A child who is born in a foreign country to parents who are British citizens by ancestry and have resided in a British Overseas Territory or the United Kingdom
  • Section 3 (5): A child who is born in a foreign country to parents who are British citizens by ancestry and are presently residing in a British Overseas Territory or the United Kingdom
  • Section 3 (1): A child who is adopted in a foreign country to parents who are nationals of the United Kingdom
  • Section 3 (1): A child whose parents have relinquished and later resumed British Nationality
  • Section 3 (1): In any other case not been listed that has been contemplated to be for the benefit of the child that he/she be granted British Nationality
  • Section 4D: A child born in a foreign country to parents who are serving in the military 

British Citizenship Requirements/DOCUMENTS:

  • Native Passport
  • Passport photos
  • Birth Certificate
  • Reports and Achievements from School
  • GP/Hospital letters
  • Photos with peers
  • Good character requirement must also met by the children
  • Form either T or MN1
  • The form must be signed by two referees
  • Cost £1,012

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process of British Citizenship by Marriage?

  • If you are married to a British Citizen, you will not need to wait 12 months to make application for British naturalisation.

Can you do British Citizenship online application and how to apply for British Citizenship online?

  • You can currently only do online application for adults. You can do that through

How to find British citizenship guide online and what is British citizenship application processing times?

  • You can find the Naturalisation as a British Citizen – a guide for applicants (guide AN) on
  • The processing time for this type of application is about three months.

Can you have British Dual Citizenship?

  • You can have a dual citizenship in the UK but for the country of your origin you will have to check if that is possible with the Embassy of your country.

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