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About Us

We are Adamir Solicitors Ltd providing legal advice and services just in Immigration Law, and Divorce Law. We specialise in the above areas of law to provide you with full support when the help is needed. There is a lot is changing lately and the public is anxious about the changes and wish to secure their status in the UK because everyone has a right to have a family and their right must be respected. Our solicitor in London are happy to offer you with an Immigration consultation. Article 8 protects your right to respect for your private life, your family life, your home and your correspondence. We are proud to tell you that our firm serves clients with full passion and commitment. We deal with your case promptly and efficiently.

We are a respected and trusted firm of Solicitors in North London. We are a modern and boutique law firm offering vibrant and homey atmosphere to our clients. Our established firm run by our Solicitor who has years of experience to deal with your cases efficiently. We also work with Barristers whose opinion could be used to draft grounds and represent our clients at the Courts of England and Wales. Our Solicitor has been working for years gaining experience and has skills to represent you at Courts. We keep updated to apply relevant precedent and case law to your case, whom you can trust your case. In the fields in which she practices, our Solicitor is fully conversant with all aspects of UK law and is able to assist both companies and individuals with the full spectrum of Immigration, Divorce and Family Law advice.

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Why choose Adamir Solicitors Ltd? 

Since the market is booming with so many firms related to legal support and other disciplines, it becomes really difficult for the client to choose the best course of action. Family-related issues and other factors often drive people to the gates of insanity. Therefore, it should be a priority for the client to choose the best when it comes to legal help. We strive to deliver the best results possible as our clients demand more and more top-class services from us. Hence, keeping our clients updated for the most part is an essential thing and we strive to deliver upon all the necessary details our clients ask for. As a matter of fact, it is not just about maintaining the working relationship with the client, communication matters as well and we do our best to deliver upon all these aspects. Our commitment to the client’s plights often gives us the valuable feedback we need. And that is not all we ourselves ask for changes required in our working ethics. This enables us in establishing a good communication environment with the client and in turn, allows us to know the complications associated with any form of family-related legal disputes.

Commitment to the fullest

Our working ethics dictate that to establish a good and long-lasting professional relationship, we need to perform the best form of communication. Now this enables us to know more and more about our clients and their necessities. While working in conjunction with our clients we tend to listen to all their queries carefully with full concentration. We work harder and harder every day to fix the issues related to the client’s legal matters. It is a blessing bestowed upon us that we listen to all the plights as much as we can and strive to deliver efficiently upon them all. Our working ideology leads us to explore more and more about the various possibilities through which we can know more about the different types of problems associated with legal troubles.

Breaking the communication barriers

For us knowing the client’s issues is probably the most important thing. It defines what we do and helps us in knowing how we can redefine our working strategies. If the client has some serious issues regarding any of the legal points which have been discussed above then it is up to us to fix it for the betterment of our clients. For instance, if we get a case from our client then the first thing we do is taking note of the queries raised and the possible solutions which can be taken. On the further evaluation of the issue we provide the client with a written document that contains the problems listed and the person in charge of handling them all. This enables to establish a good and a professional relationship with our clients. Since communication isn’t just restricted to providing the best results on official grounds, we often choose to talk outside the working zone if any serious problem occurs, because for us our clients matter the most.

Keeping your problems in between a closed environment

Since discussing legal issues is a thing which should not be performed outside in the open. It jeopardises the morale of the client as well as the trust in between the client and the organisation. Therefore, we strive to maintain the secrecy of the matter in between the member dealing with the legal issues and the client behind closed doors. We do understand the value of sensitive information sharing and under no circumstances we ever let our clients feel threatened regarding their information getting leaked in the public domain. We even maintain the level of confidentiality inside our working zone, no given member ever talks about the assigned case to the other person.


Since it is a creed for us to take care of the client’s problems and handle them with the utmost propriety and precaution. We deliver the best when it comes to giving the clients their necessary advice, cost-effective solutions and the most comfortable environment under which our clients can share their problems with. We do understand your constructive criticism and always tailor our working ways as per your liking. It is our job and we never cease to rectify our methods for the sake of our valuable clients. If you value your family, follow these aforementioned family laws and rules.