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Introducing Adamir London Immigration Solicitor

A skilled immigration lawyer can be the difference between succeeding in your quest for residence and a refusal. Among London’s many immigration solicitors, Adamir Solicitors London stands out. Adamir takes a personal interest in your journey to a new life in the UK. With years of immigration experience, we understand the intricacies of Home Office regulations. We also know the appeal processes. 

Immigration is not easy for anyone. It is a long journey fraught with emotion, complex legal requirements and red tape. At Adamir Solicitors, we know the process. We’re committed to ensuring a quick and painless procedure so you can pursue a new life. We’re your partners in this journey and ready to provide a tailored package to suit your needs. 

Whether you’re looking for visas or becoming a UK citizen, our law firm is dedicated to your success. We’re with you every step of the way, offering advice and legal services. We also assist organisations employing skills from around the globe. Business immigration is an essential aspect of running a global organisation, so we’re here to help. 

Beyond basic legal services, we’ll listen to your questions and understand your plans and circumstances before formulating a strategic plan. Our theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience combine to ensure process accuracy and an efficient application process. This detailed approach is what sets us apart from other London immigration solicitors. At Adamir Solicitors, expect transparency, dedication and open communication. 

An Immigration Lawyer – Helping You to Overcome Challenges

Navigating immigration in the UK without an immigration lawyer at your side can pose several challenges. You may handle some immigration matters alone, but a lawyer will speed things up and help you navigate the hurdles. Here are some challenges you might face without an immigration lawyer:

  • Complexity: Immigration laws can be intricate and subject to frequent change. You must understand and respond to the legal subtleties as they happen.

  • Application Errors: Errors or incomplete information on the application will delay matters. They may even result in a denial. An immigration lawyer will ensure that your application is accurate and complete.

  • Deadlines: Immigration processes often have strict deadlines. Missed deadlines can cause delays and extra costs. The Home Office may even reject your application.

  • Eligibility Criteria: It may be hard to establish the correct visa or immigration category. An immigration lawyer can assess your situation and determine the best action.

  • Appeals and Rejections: Rejection is not always the end of the road. You may have the option to appeal. An immigration lawyer can guide you through the appeals process and help strengthen your case.

  • Changing Immigration Policies: Immigration policies and procedures change. An immigration lawyer will know the latest developments and how they might impact your situation.

  • Dealing with Immigration Authorities: An immigration lawyer can act on your behalf in any immigration matter. They can help to ensure that your communication is clear, accurate, and follows the legal channels.

Hiring an immigration lawyer costs, but it should increase the likelihood of a successful outcome. If cost is a concern, consider consulting with an attorney for certain aspects of your case rather than hiring them for the entire process.

Immigration Solicitor Services 

Immigration solicitor services are available for all people seeking immigration into the UK. We help people find the best route to residence, study and work. Immigration services are also vital for organisations seeking business excellence by hiring the best skills wherever they may be. 

Paths to UK Immigration

The UK uses a points-based immigration system that fits into various visa categories. The five main categories are:

  • Family visas: spouse visa, partner visa, civil partner visa, dependant visa, and adult dependant relative visa

  • Business visas: global talent visa and innovator founder visa

  • Work visas: skilled worker visa, high potential individual visa, health and care worker visa, graduate visa, senior or specialist worker visa, and scale-up visa

  • Study visas: student visa

  • Temporary visas: visitor visa, seasonal worker visa

Immigration solicitor understand complex UK immigration law and will know the visa options that may apply. There are often several options available for UK personal immigration and family members.

Family visas

Various family applications fall under this category. The most common is the dependent visa. Any family member accompanying the primary visa applicant must have a dependent visa unless they have a personal immigration visa.

A person with a dependent visa may stay for the same time as the main visa applicant. If the main visa ends early, anyone on associated dependent visas must leave the UK with the main applicant.

Dependents receive indefinite leave to remain with the main visa applicant. However, they must fulfil the residence and eligibility criteria.

Partner visas have gained popularity. Marital status is not a prerequisite for qualifying. However, a relationship like marriage must have existed between the two for at least two years. 

To qualify for a spouse or partner visa, you and your sponsoring partner must meet financial and other eligibility criteria. If you qualify for a spouse visa, you may work in the UK without employment restrictions. There are no working hour limitations.

Work visas

The skilled worker visa is the most widely sought work visa category in the UK. The health and care worker visa also falls under the skilled visa category. It offers additional advantages. You will need an employment sponsor or an employer with a Home Office-issued sponsor licence to qualify for either visa.

The jobs must be on the government-approved list to qualify for the skilled worker or health and care worker visa. It must also have a standard occupational classification code. The jobs must meet specified criteria for minimum skills and salary thresholds.

A work visa relies on your continued employment by the sponsor. The visa time will drop to sixty days if you lose your sponsored job. This means you have a two-month window to secure another job with an employer with a sponsorship licence. Failing this, you must change visas for another one or leave the UK.

Business visas

If you plan to set up a business in the UK, you may qualify for a business visa. The innovator founder visa is a new category, taking over from start-up visas. You need no minimum funding, but your business concept must be workable and inventive. This visa category can help you to quicker UK residence, so it is worth pursuing.

Asylum Seeker Applications

If you’re seeking asylum in the UK, you must apply for asylum upon arrival in the country or at a designated immigration office. Asylum seekers can sometimes apply for asylum at the port of entry or in-country, depending on their circumstances. 

Asylum seekers typically undergo a screening interview when they apply. The intention is to gather basic information about their identity, reasons for seeking asylum, and journey to the UK. A more detailed interview follows the initial one. In this meeting, you must provide details about why you fear returning to your home country.  

The UK Home Office will assess your asylum application. They will use the information provided to decide your fate. The immigration team at the Home Office may grant you refugee status. They may offer you humanitarian protection or refuse to assist you.

If they refuse your application, you may appeal to the immigration tribunal. This is one of the services offered by immigration lawyers London. 

Our Law Firm Services and Experience

Private Life Applications

  • 20 Years Long Residence Applications 
  • 10 Year Long Residence Applications in the UK 
  • Applications based on Being Over 18, Under 25 
  • 7 Years Child Residence Applications 
  • Family Life as Parent
  • Family Life as Partner 
  • Compassionate circumstances 

Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) Settlement Applications

  • Spouse 
  • Unmarried Partner 
  • Same sex relationships 
  • Rights of Access to a child in the UK 
  • Private Life 
  • Family Life as Parent 
  • Family Life as Partner 
  • Rights to Access to a child in the UK (Settlement) 

Registration under the British Nationality Act 1981

  • Family Permit Application 
  • Settled Status Under the EU Settlement Scheme 
  • Pre-Settled Status under the EU Settlement Scheme 
  • Retaining Right of Residence for EEA family Members 
  • Residence Card as an Extended Family Member of an EEA

Naturalisation (British Citizenship)

Visa Extension Applications

Immigration Appeal

  • Lodging grounds of appeal from 
  • Preparation of case from 


Other Immigration Applications

  • Application for No Time Limit BRP 
  • Subject Access Request to Home Office 
  • Travel Documents
  • Entry Clearance (Visa) As A Turkish ECAA Businessperson
  • Switching Into Turkish ECAA Businessperson Category
  • Extension Of Stay As A Turkish ECAA Businessperson
  • ILR As Turkish ECAA Businessperson
  • Dependents of Turkish ECAA Businesspersons
  • Turkish ECAA Workers 
  • Dependents of Turkish ECAA Worker
  • Discretionary Leave 
  • Bail Application to the Chief Immigration Officer (CIO) 
  • Bail Application to the Immigration Judge at Asylum and Immigration Tribunal 
  • For any subsequent bail application, if your first bail application to the Immigration Judge has been unsuccessful
  • Revocation Of Deportation Order 
  • Sponsor Licence Application 
  • Returning Resident Visa UK 
  • TOC Application 
  • NTL Application 
  • Replacement Residence Permits (BRP, NTL) 

Q: What distinguishes Adamir Solicitors as one of the top immigration law firms in London?

A: Adamir Solicitors have an excellent history of resolving complex immigration cases, thanks to our deep understanding of the ever-changing immigration laws. We maintain regular contact with our clients, ensuring they are well-informed throughout the process. We also focus on human rights issues and provide tailored legal advice.

A: Using years of experience and a comprehensive grasp of immigration rules, we offer a variety of legal services to our clients. From initial planning stages through to appeals, our immigration solicitors are committed to achieving positive results, regardless of the complexity of the case.

Q: What kind of cases can Adamir Solicitors handle?

A: We can handle any type of immigration case. This includes human rights claims, settlement applications, visa renewals, and asylum claims. We also have a proven track record in dealing effectively with the Home Office.

Q: What does the immigration application process entail at Adamir Solicitors?

A: At Adamir Solicitors, we assist throughout the entire application process. This entails formulating a strategized plan for each client based on their specific circumstances. Our team ensures procedural correctness, speeding up the application process while also keeping open communication for maximum transparency.

As an Immigration Lawyer, can you help with a citizenship case?

A: Yes. Alongside individual immigration services, we offer legal expertise to organisations seeking sponsor licenses to comply with UK immigration regulations. We guide clients through the intricate process of applying for these licenses, ensuring the legality of their operations.

Which government department is responsible for immigration in the UK?

The Home Office is the government department responsible for immigration matters in the UK. Immigration authorities, such as the Border Force and Immigration Enforcement, operate under the Home Office.

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    Adamir Solicitors, located in the heart of London, is a premier immigration law firm known for its extensive experience and dedication to success in handling a wide range of immigration cases. As one of the leading solicitors in London, our immigration team specializes in both personal and business immigration, ensuring that every client receives tailored immigration advice and services. Whether it's a case of citizenship, an appeal, or a matter involving human rights, our skilled team is adept at navigating the complexities of immigration law on behalf of our clients. Our commitment to excellence is evident in our track record of successful cases, where we've consistently secured favorable outcomes in the immigration process. At Adamir Solicitors, we understand the significance of each case and are dedicated to providing the highest level of support and guidance throughout the immigration process, making us the go-to firm for anyone seeking expert immigration services in London.

    Refugee Status

    If your asylum application is successful, the Home Office will grant you UK refugee status under the United Nations Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees. This international convention protects refugees from being returned to their country of origin. You can stay in the UK for at least five years with refugee status.

    As a refugee in the UK, you have the right to work and access education and healthcare. You can rent a property and open a bank account. After a certain period, you may be eligible to apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR). You can use an ILR to apply for British citizenship.

    The UK asylum process is complex, and you may face challenges presenting your case. Legal representation is crucial in this matter. The asylum and refugee status systems are designed to protect those genuinely in need. The UK adheres to international obligations. Immigration lawyer will help you to present your case for personal immigration, so you will have a better chance of making the grade.

    Deportation in the UK

    There are several reasons why the UK government might decide to deport you. Some of them are listed below:

    • Criminal Offences: If convicted of a serious criminal offence, you may face deportation. 

    • Immigration Violations: Violation of immigration laws or overstaying your visa could result in deportation.

    • National Security Concerns: If the government deems you a threat to national security, they may deport you.

    How Deportation Works

    The Home Office makes any decision to deport individuals. If you face deportation, you can appeal through the immigration tribunal system. If the appeal is unsuccessful, you may face removal. This process may involve detention and carriage out of the country. If you are facing deportation, it is wise to employ immigration lawyers services. 

    The Defence Against Deportation

    If you’re facing deportation, you have the right to legal representation. Lawyers specialising in immigration law can provide immigration advice and representation throughout the process.

    You have the right to appeal deportation decisions. The appeals process allows for a review of the decision by an independent tribunal. Some people also take deportation decisions on judicial review.

    Legal arguments often involve human rights considerations. These may include violation of the individual’s right to family life or exposure to inhumane or degrading treatment. Some people facing deportation may seek asylum if they show a well-founded fear of persecution on return to their homeland.

    Immigration laws and policies change with time, so deportation and defence procedures also evolve. If you are facing deportation, you must seek legal advice. Immigration solicitors can delve into the circumstances to come up with options.

    British Citizenship Applications

    Applying for British citizenship is complex. Before the government considers you for naturalisation, you must meet certain criteria. These requirements are listed below:

    • Residency Requirements: Applicants must have lived in the UK for a certain period. The length of time depends on your immigration status. Continuous residence is a crucial requirement. Any significant absences may impact eligibility.

    • Immigration Status: You must have the correct immigration status, such as indefinite leave to remain (ILR) or settled status under the EU Settlement Scheme.

    • Good Character: Aspects of good character include your criminal record, financial integrity, and compliance with immigration laws.

    • Language and UK Life Knowledge: Applicants aged 18 to 65 must be proficient in English and pass the “Life in the UK” test. This test assesses your knowledge of British culture, history, and institutions.

    • Age Requirements: Minors may qualify as British citizens through descent or discretionary provisions.

    Applicants must complete the appropriate application form available on the Home Office website. They must submit supporting documents, like proof of identity, residence, and language proficiency.

    The Home Office will also require biometric information, like fingerprints and a digital photograph. There is a fee to pay, the size of which depends on the type of application.

    The Home Office informs applicants about the citizenship decision in writing.

    Dual Citizenship

    The UK generally allows dual citizenship. Individuals can retain their original nationality when becoming British citizens. However, the rules regarding dual citizenship may vary depending on the individual’s original nationality.

    Some countries may require that you renounce your original citizenship. Check the rules.

    Legal Support for Business Immigration

    Adamir Solicitors also offers legal support for business immigration in the UK. The legal landscape around the recruitment and sponsorship of foreign workers is complex and subject to change. Staying informed and seeking professional advice will expedite the process and avoid business risk. Here’s how we can help you:

    • Sponsorship Licences: Businesses intending to hire foreign workers from outside the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland typically need a Sponsorship Licence from the Home Office. We help businesses to apply for and maintain sponsorship licences. There are two types of licences:

      • Tier 2 (General) Visas: This is the main route for skilled workers from outside the EEA to work in the UK.

      • Intra-Company Transfers (ICT): Businesses with a presence in the UK and abroad may transfer employees between locations using the Intra-Company Transfer route.

    • Investor and Entrepreneur Visas: If you plan to invest or start a business in the UK, you will need legal advice to navigate the visa processes.

    • Compliance and Audits: Maintaining compliance is crucial if you hire foreign nationals. There are record-keeping and reporting obligations to which you must adhere. You must also conduct regular right-to-work checks to ensure employee work eligibility. Immigration lawyer can help you to stay abreast of immigration law and policy requirements. 

    • Appeals and Challenges: We offer support where visa applications are refused, or sponsorship licences are at risk.

    • Policy Changes and Updates: We’ll ensure you remain informed as the legal landscape changes and new requirements emerge.

    As a business leader, you don’t have the time to look after the intricacies of immigration policy and regulations. That’s where an immigration solicitor can save you time and resources. Make sure that you employ the best skills available. Leave the red tape to an immigration professional while you grow your business.   

    Qualities of a Good Migration Solicitor

    A good immigration solicitor should have legal expertise, excellent communication skills, and cultural awareness. Here are the qualities that you should look for in an immigration lawyer.

    • Legal Expertise: An effective immigration solicitor will specialise in immigration law. They will have up-to-date knowledge of all current immigration policies and regulations. In the dynamic world of immigration law, the best immigration lawyers will understand all the most recent changes and their effects. Look for a solicitor with a proven track record of handling immigration situations.

    • Communication Skills and Cultural Sensitivity: Migration law can be complex. A good solicitor can explain legal concepts and processes so you can understand what to expect. A good solicitor should understand the challenges faced by clients from different cultural backgrounds.

    • Client-Centric Approach: Emigrating is stressful. A good solicitor should understand clients’ challenges. Your solicitor should be available to address your concerns and provide updates on your case.

    • Attention to Detail: The process often involves extensive documentation. A good solicitor pays close attention to detail, ensuring that all relevant paperwork is completed and accurate.

    • Problem-solving: Migration is often complex and may present challenges. A skilled solicitor must have good analytical and problem-solving skills to navigate legal issues.

    • Ethical Conduct: A good immigration solicitor will have high ethical standards and provide honest and transparent advice. Don’t get taken in by unrealistic promises or guaranteed outcomes.

    • Organisational Skills: Managing paperwork, deadlines, and court appearances requires strong organisational skills. A good immigration solicitor must have the capacity to handle multiple ongoing clients. They must use up-to-date technology for enhanced efficiency and communication.

    • Networking: A network of professional connections in the immigration law community provides access to extra resources and insights that may help expedite your case.

    If you need a London immigration solicitor, look for recommendations and read reviews to ensure your chosen lawyer has the required qualities. 

    How to Choose the Right Immigration Law Firm

    Finding the best immigration lawyer in London involves thorough research and careful consideration of various aspects. Here are some steps to assist in finding the immigration solicitor that suits your needs.

    • Research Online: Use online resources to research London immigration lawyers. Use websites like the Law Society and Immigration Law Practitioners’ Association (ILPA) to find lists of qualified professionals.

    • Reviews: Client reviews and testimonials can help you evaluate immigration lawyers’ performance and commitment to service excellence.

    • Recommendations: Seek recommendations from friends, family, colleagues, or acquaintances who have immigrated or worked with migration lawyers in London.

    • Check Legal Credentials: Check that the lawyer is qualified and licensed to practise migration law. Credentials are available on the Law Society website and other legal directories.

    • Specialisation in Immigration Law: Choose a lawyer who specialises in immigration law. It is a specialised field, and a lawyer with immigration expertise should know the latest developments and regulations.

    • Initial Consultation: Arrange an initial consultation to discuss your case, ask questions, and assess whether you feel comfortable working with the lawyer.

    • Fees: Understand the lawyer’s fee structure and payment terms upfront. Balance the cost with the lawyer’s reputation and expertise.

    • Success Rate: Ask about the lawyer’s success rate with your specific situation. Past performance does not guarantee future success, but it can offer insight into the lawyer’s experience and capabilities.

    • Check for Complaints: Check with the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) for professional conduct issues.

    • Accessibility: Consider the lawyer’s accessibility and communication style. A good immigration lawyer should be responsive to your inquiries and keep you informed about the case’s progress.

    • Location: Online or over-the-phone meetings may work, but a lawyer in London opens the way for in-person meetings and ensures proximity to offices.

    Take your time during the selection process and choose a lawyer with whom you feel comfortable and confident. You’ll need a strong working relationship throughout the immigration process.

    How Does Adamir Compare to Other Immigration Solicitors?

    We provide all our clients with personalised advice and service and cost-effective solutions for all services. We make our clients comfortable so they can share their problems confident in the knowledge that we care. 

    In a city as diverse as London, immigration matters often need specialised attention and a deep understanding of the UK’s laws and Home Office procedures. At Adamir Solicitors, we bring this expertise, ensuring tailored advice and solutions for each case. We focus on delivering results that align with your goals and life circumstances.

    We build our client relationships on a foundation of trust and transparency. The journey is fraught with uncertainties. Our role is to provide clarity and guidance along every step of the way. From initial consultations to complex litigation, our solicitor in London navigates these challenges with skill and dedication.

    We stand out for our legal prowess and commitment to every individual and family we serve. We take pride in our ability to offer personalised, empathetic, and efficient legal services that cater to the diverse needs of our clients. At Adamir Solicitors, every case is more than just a file – it’s a life story. We ensure that every client receives expert advice backed by years of experience and a deep understanding of migration law. Our clients are not just numbers; they are individuals with unique stories. We are committed to helping them write successful new chapters in their lives.

    Why Choose Adamir Solicitors?

    What Sets Adamir Apart? Success – It isn’t just about winning; it’s about making a positive impact on our clients’ lives. The success of our clients is our success. We understand that the application process can be overwhelming. We ease the burden by handling Home Office communications and planning appeals where necessary. We maintain the momentum till the final decision. If you’re looking for legal migration services in London, engaging with Adamir Solicitors is a move that will help you overcome migration hurdles. Contact us to start your successful journey with the Adamir Solicitors in London.

    Secure Your Personal Information

    We build relationships on trust, so when you share your personal information with us, you know it stays with us. We understand that information is sensitive, and we’ll maintain your privacy behind closed doors, just as you’d expect. No member of staff will ever discuss your information outside of our offices. 

    The Complexities of UK Immigration Law

    British immigration law is a complex and evolving field. Immigration law regulates the entry, residence, and rights of foreign nationals in the United Kingdom. Like any branch of the law, complexities arise from the many statutes, rules, policies, and case law. Here are some key aspects that contribute to the complexity of British migration law.

    Multiple Visa Categories

    The UK has several visa categories. Each has requirements, restrictions and eligibility criteria. Every visa category exists for a purpose that may include work, study, family reunification, and asylum.

    Frequent Immigration Policy Changes

    Migration policies and rules don’t remain stagnant. Political, economic, and social factors influence changes. Immigration applicants must follow the evolution of migration law and policies in real-time. It is the task of immigration lawyers to keep these applicants informed.

    Balancing Human Rights Considerations

    Migration law must take account of human rights principles. Immigration cases often involve balancing individual rights with immigration regulation. Adamir Solicitors takes a strong stand on humanitarian grounds and will protect your rights. 

    Complex Application Procedures

    There is a vast amount of documentation during the visa or residence permit application process. Documentation includes proof of identity, evidence of financial stability, and meeting criteria. Any errors or omissions may lead to delays or rejections.

    Appeals and Judicial Reviews

    The migration system allows for appeals and judicial reviews. Though a necessary part of the process, appeals and reviews add legal complexity to migration law in the country. Your immigration lawyer must thoroughly understand legal procedures to know when and how to challenge decisions.

    Points-Based System

    The UK operates a Points-Based System (PBS) for some visa categories. Applicants must meet the criteria to earn points. The system is designed to attract individuals with skills and talents that the country needs. Your migration solicitor should know the criteria. They will lead you in accumulating the points you need to meet the category requirements. 

    The Impact of Brexit

    The UK’s withdrawal from the European Union (Brexit) has resulted in changes to immigration rules for EU and non-EU citizens. The new system emphasises skill-based migration and the end of free movement for EU nationals.

    Asylum and Humanitarian Protection

    Asylum cases involve complex legal considerations. These include the assessment of risk in the applicant’s home country. In certain circumstances, the government may also grant humanitarian protection.

    Sponsorship Requirements

    Some visas require sponsorship from a UK employer, educational institution, or family member. Understanding the sponsorship process and meeting its requirements can pose a challenge.

    Enforcement and Compliance

    Immigration compliance is closely controlled. There are penalties for non-compliance. Employers, landlords, and individuals may face legal consequences for violating migration laws.

    Family Reunification

    There are intricate rules for spouses, children, and dependent relatives. It can be a challenge to meet the requirements for family reunification.

    Experienced immigration solicitors can help you to overcome all these challenges. Only they understand current laws and policies. A good immigration lawyer will also stay abreast of any changes to the laws.

    Why You Need London Immigration Lawyers

    For those without knowledge of the legal system, navigating the UK laws is a challenge. Many laws govern immigration, and to make matters worse, they change all the time. Failure to accurately meet all the requirements can delay the process or, worse still, result in a denial of access.

    Services Provided by an Immigration Lawyer London

    A London solicitor can provide you with expert legal advice. They can guide you through the process, ensuring you follow all the steps in providing the authorities with all the required information. The lawyer can also lead you through the appeals process if your application fails.

    Your immigration lawyer can represent you when you are called into meetings. Their presence may help you understand all the legal nuances that arise from these meetings. They can also anticipate problems, prepare for them and give you advice.

    In addition, a skilled and experienced Immigration lawyer can identify circumstances in which your application may face refusal. They can help you to address any issues, act on your behalf and offer suggestions for improving your chances of success. 

    The Solicitor’s Role in Navigating Legal Processes

    A skilled and experienced professional will help you through the complex process. A law firm will ensure you have the best chance of quickly meeting the UK government’s requirements.  Here is how immigration lawyer London can help you through the process:

    •  Assessing eligibility: A solicitor can help you establish eligibility for various visa categories or immigration. They can also identify issues that may affect your eligibility.

    • Preparing and submitting visa applications: Your lawyer will help you to complete and submit your visa applications. They know the documents required and will ensure that all necessary forms and documents accompany the application and that the application is completed correctly and in full.

    • Court representation: Your lawyer will represent you in court if your visa application is denied. If you must appeal a decision, your lawyer will prepare the case, present the evidence, and support your interests.

    • Interview preparation: Your solicitor will help to prepare you for interviews with authorities. They will ensure you know what to expect and help you to present yourself well.

    • Immigration advice and guidance: Immigration solicitors will offer their clients advice and guidance on compliance with regulations after visa or immigration status is granted. 

    Solicitors smooth the way to permanent UK residence and British citizenship.

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